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Have more fun
with the right equipment.
Have more fun
with the right equipment.

Alta Badia Ski rental

A state-of-the-art snowboard and ski rental offers: competence, security and the optimal equipment.

We offer ski of all kinds: carver skis for beginners or for experts. Try our allmountains or our race carvers for an unforgettable experience.

Snowboard rental in Alta Badia

We have a large choice of equipment for beginners and for experts: hardboards for amazing turns or freestyle boards for fun tricks and jumps.

Our snowboard rental stocks Nitro material.

Rental of ski and snowboard boots and winter sports equipment of all kinds

Not just ski and snowboard... We offer also a large choice of different winter sports equipment: boots, back protectors, helmets, snowblades, bobs, sledges, snow shoes, ...

Rental Rates